At VetNOW, we understand the variety of challenges you face in managing your virtual clinic/telemedicine program. Whether you are just getting started with building your business case or need help with data interoperability considerations – our team of experts will work with you to tailor a path forward to help you get your program to where it needs to be.

Consulting Offerings

Our consulting offerings are the components we use to custom tailor a project to fit your needs.


With VetNOW’s Enterprise Training, you will be equipped with a suite of training services to get your organization and its patients up to speed with your powerful new telemedicine program. Below are the training services we provide:


We’ll train your technicians, veterinarians, and pet parents on the features and capabilities of the new software that encompass your telemedicine program. Additional training will be supplemented with on-demand and live seminars for users who want to learn more.


We understand that not all telemedicine programs are built the same and our training material may not be a perfect fit. VetNOW can work with your organization to create a customized training program that best fits both your specific needs and those of your network users.


VetNOW will equip you with all the necessary tools and support needed to practice telemedicine and see patients online. VetNOW support provides the following features: