VetNOW’s TeleHealth Podcast 101 Series “He Said, She Said”

Episode 4: AVMA’s upcoming conference in July / The “Vet Live Clinic” / TeleHealth Use Cases, VCPR & Veterinarian TeleHealth

Today’s panelists include:
Adrian Hochstadt, Deputy Chief Executive Officer AVMA
Lori Teller, DVM, Board of Directors Representative
Chad Dodd, DVM, President & CEO, Animatas Consulting

Episode 3: Re-cap of the Veterinary Innovation Summit 2018 and the upcoming AVMA conference’s Vet Live Clinic.

Today’s Guest Panelist: Aaron Massecar – Senior Vice President at NAVC, Executive Director of VIC, Adjunct at Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine

Episode 2: Expanding Criticalist Services within Your Practice via VetNOW’s TeleHEALTH Platform

Episode 1: Understanding the VCPR as TeleHEALTH Expands into Veterinarian Healthcare