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Expand Your Clinic Into the Virtual World As telemedicine gains more traction in the veterinary industry, one company is leveraging the technology to offer clinics access to a variety of specialists. In this spotlight story, learn how the VetNOW team is using video to replicate an in-clinic experience. Click the picture or this link to [...]

The Healthy Hound Quarterly

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The Healthy Hound Quarterly featured VetNOW in an exposé about what our team is doing to expand#teleHEALTH into the #veterinary space. Click the link below to read the whole article! https://goo.gl/F7G5fd Courtesy of The Greyhound Health Initiative

Redefining the Risks and Rules for teleHEALTH Services

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VetNOW​ co-founder, Matthew Rumbaugh, with Critical Care Specialist, Dr. Kaplan-Zattler, speak on the state of veterinary teleHEALTH services in this article from Veterinary Practice News​ Veterinary teams have provided advice, triage services, and consultations via phone, email, and fax for years Historically, the creation of new technologies ushers in the development of new products and services. [...]